Advantage Webco Hawaii has established values that support an organizational culture of excellence and development. In our rapidly changing world, these values provide the focus we need to sustain a high performance culture and reinforce innovative and ethical business practices. These values are modeled throughout the organization, from senior leaders to front-line supervisors.

Our associates are introduced to these values during the new hire orientation. Managers reinforce these values as they work with their team members throughout the year. The values are part of AWH's Performance Assessment process. These cultural values are woven through our processes and daily work. As Aristotle wrote, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit."

  1. Associates: Value all AWH Associates and provide a workplace environment based upon dignity, trust, and respect.
  2. Continuous Development: Provide an environment for learning, development, and the fulfillment of personal ambitions and professional goals.
  3. Diversity: Promote diversity of thought and approach while embracing team work and organizational unity.
  4. Integrity: Establish and achieve the highest levels of integrity in all business and personal interactions.
  5. Change and Innovation: Anticipate, welcome, and manage change through continuous improvement strategies that embody flexible and innovative approaches.
  6. Performance Driven: Value results to promote accountability and provide rewards based upon superior performance for clients and customers.
  7. Entrepreneurial Focus: Sustain an entrepreneurial spirit that encourages risk taking and recognizes business guidelines as opportunities are identified and pursued.
  8. Service Excellence: Fulfill needs with passion, creativity, and solutions that yield complete satisfaction and loyalty.
  9. Financial Discipline: Function with financial discipline to achieve high degrees of operating effectiveness and efficiency.
  10. Business Growth: Achieve significant annual growth by applying our Cultural Values in relationships with all AWH stakeholders.