We create customized solutions bridging our manufacturers and customers with exemplary value, products and services. We will exceed expectations by creating a culture that embraces the strengths of our employees while enriching our community.

The mission statement proclaims the ultimate destination toward which every resource and activity of AWH is directed.

Our attitude is the key which unlocks the door to excellence. Our attitude cares, it communicates, it delivers, it is family, it is a team, it is one of innovation, pride, understanding and concern. It overcomes hurdles, it is positive, it realizes that a growing business is not without problems – it is focused on success!

Leaders have to show the way. The way holds opportunities, but it is also mined with obstacles. There aren’t many shortcuts or substitutes for success.

  You, as a leader, must take command. Set your goals and march down the field, taking challenges head-on!

The continuing over-all objective is simply to be “THE BEST” company anywhere! The best people in all departments united and motivated as a team, attaining performance levels that a superior to any organization.

Our goals and objectives will always support this commitment. A company of close knit people realizing that success depends on teamwork and committed to be “THE BEST”